Link Building Starter


(Monthly Payment)

Get contextual links from relevant mini
authority properties. Great for building foundational links to your site and to boost your rankings.

Our Process

Listings Assessment:
We do a thorough audit of your client’s local presence and gather information about verified, duplicate, inconsistent, and mi ss ing business listings.
Eliminate Duplicate Listings:
We eliminate duplicate listings by claiming and removing the ones we no longer need to display in search.
Fixing Inconsistent Listings:
We eliminate inconsistencies in listings by claiming and modifying the data which is reported as inaccurate.


Month 1

Agency Platform reporting & customer dashboard

5 Target Keywords

1 Informational content writing, posting and social sharing

1 guest blog post writing, posting and social sharing (1 every 2 months)

5 social citations

3 business citations

Weekly and monthly work reports